Ship model - Columbus' Santa Maria of 1492


Ship model SANTA MARIA


Scale 1 : 64, length 125 cm, width 51 cm, height 94 cm,
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The SANTA MARIA was the largest of the three ships, with which Christopher Columbus started his long journey to find a westward sea route to India on 3 August 1492. On 12 October he discovered the island San Salvador east of Cuba. Thus the Spanish colonisation of Central America took its beginning.

There are only very few contemporary data about Christopher Columbus' three expedition ships (Santa Maria, Pinta, Nina). Therefore the different reproductions vary strongly in size, hull form and kind of sails. On the EXPO in Lisbon 1998 I had the chance to visit a Santa Maria reproduction, which seemed designed more like a bar for tourists.


This somewhat older and affectionately restorated model of the SANTA MARIA is 1:50 scale. Length of the ship model is 72 cm, width 36 cm, and height 57 cm.

Please take your time to have a good look at the set of photos. There are several views of the entire model and some closer views.