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Ship model Oseberg Ship of 820 A.D.


Model of the Oseberg Ship of 820 A.D.


Ship name Oseberg Ship
Scale 1 : 20
Length 108 cm
Width 33 cm
Height 64 cm
Material hull Wood
Photos 1 Total views
Photos 2 Views of details
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The Viking ship in the burial mound of Oseberg

The Oseberg Ship was named after the Oseberg farm in Tønsberg near the Oslo Fjord where the ship was excavated in 1904/1905 from a burial mound. The ship was built around 820 A.D. and is thought to have been used for coastal voyages until it was moved to the burial mound in 834 A.D..

The ship is a typical clinker-built Viking ship made of oak. Bow and stern are decorated by elaborate carvings.

The ship is one of the finest finds that have survived from the Viking Age. Today the Oseberg Ship is on display at the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo.


The Oseberg Ship model, photos, description and dimensions

The ship model was built to plans of the University Library of Oslo that were drawn in 1954. The oars are placed in their racks on port and starboard side, the sail is trimmed like wind abeam from port. The ship is tilting slightly leeward.  

Have a look at the set of photos: There are several views of the entire ship model taken from all directions, and several closer views of hull, deck and rigging. Click images to enlarge!

This model is a true, very rare masterpiece. The elegant form of the ship is clearly shown in the model. It was built by Mr. Viktor Ovcharov, Sevastopol, Ukraine, with much love to details.

The ship model is 1 : 20 scale. Length is 108 cm, width 33 cm, height 64 cm.


This model has already been sold. The pictures and the data are shown in the gallery of the ship models sold only to let enthusiasts and model makers enjoy the photos and maybe get ideas or some guidance, if someone builds such a model by himself.

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