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Oseberg Ship in Viking ship Museum, Oslo


The Viking Ship Museum in Oslo, Norway


The Viking Ship Museum (Vikingskipshuset) is located on Bygdøy peninsula in Oslo. It can be easily accessed by bus or, much more fun, by ferry boat from the city center. On Bygdøy there are several other museums, too, all within walking distance in nice surroundings.

The center pieces of the museum are the Gokstad ship and the Oseberg ship. They are the world's best preserved Viking ships, found in burial mounds of the area. The mounds held some burial gifts like a wooden cart with elaborate carvings. When we visited the museum in July 2019 the Viking ships were excellently displayed in their halls. The additional burial gifts and the animal-head carvings, however, were kept behind a poor glass with high reflection. It was very difficult to get a clear view or take a picture, but I show some exhibits.

There is more information on the museum website.


Photo gallery of the Oseberg ship

Photo gallery of the Gokstad ship

Photo gallery of the burial gifts and the Tune ship


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 Ship graves in Viking Ship Museum, Oslo

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