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HMS Trincomalee of 1817 in Hartlepool


HMS Trincomalee of 1817 in Hartlepool


HMS Trincomalee is one the two surviving frigates from early 19th century. She was built from teak in Bombay, India, and launched in 1817. Her history is given in a Wikipedia article about HMS Trincomalee.

Today she is the centerpiece of the National Museum of the Royal Navy in Hartlepool, England, where she was visited by Andreas Gondesen in August 2013. These are his pictures, taken of the hull, rigging and interior parts of the ship. He also took some shots of the historic quayside settings.

Click on the photos to get them in high resolution.

For more information on the museum see the HMS Trincomalee museum website.


  HMS Trincomalee of 1817 in Hartlepool

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