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Trieste Maritime Museum (Civico Museo del Trieste)


The Civico Museo del Mare in Trieste


We visited the Trieste Maritime Museum (Civico Museo del Trieste) on a trip to Trieste in October 2018. The museum building is at the southern end of the old harbour. The museum exhibits were maritime trade and exploration in the Mediterranean, showing ship models starting with Egyptian vessels, Greek and Roman and medieval traders to 19th century warships and cargo sailers. Navigation instruments and naval technology developments were shown in some detail. The area's fishery was explained in many displays. It is very much worth a visit.   

For more information see the website of the Civico Museo del Mare.

Nearly all exhibits were behind poor glass with high reflection. It was difficult to get a clear view. But I took some photos of rare interesting objects. If you click on a photo you will get that photo in high resolution.

There was a model of a Bragozzo fishing boat, popular in the Northern Adriatic.

The lugger was another well-used small sailing vessel.

A special section with many displays covered the fishery in the area and the education of fishermen.

Many instruments for navigation and shipbuilding were shown, of which I found the development of the screw propeller rather interesting. There was a model of the first ship with a screw propeller, the experimental vessel Civetta by Josef Ressel in 1829.

Not far from the museum is the Castello di S. Giusto. In its Armeria we found an original galley lantern of 1570, from the galley Il Leone that took part in the Battle of Lepanto 1571.  


Maritime trade and exploration in the Mediterranean

Maritime trade and exploration in the Mediterranean

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