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Painting by Willem van de Velde II "Dutch ships in a calm", 1665


The Rijksmuseum, the Dutch National Museum in Amsterdam


We visited the museum during a trip to Amsterdam in August 2013. The Rijksmuseum is dedicated to arts and history of the Netherlands. Among the objects on display are famous masterpieces by Rembrandt and, as shown above, by Willem Van de Velde.

The museum is probably the most famous in Amsterdam. After an extensive renovation it reopened in spring 2013. We visited it a few months afterwards (having vague memories of a visit in the 1990s), and were totally impressed. Great archtecture, superb display of many masterpieces of famous painters, all pieces shown in well-lit rooms. An absolute must if you are on a trip to Amsterdam!

For more information see the website of the Rijksmuseum.

Above is the painting by Willem van de Velde II "Dutch ships in a calm", 1665. On the high resolution fotos you can recognise many details of the ships. Seeing the crew working on the yards without the use of footropes looks somewhat strange, but footropes came into use only by the end of the 17th century.

Another famous painting of Willem van de Velde II shows the surrender of the Royal Prince in the The Four Days' Battle in June 1666. The magnificent stern carving of the Royal Charles stems from the same time.

Openly standing in a large hall is the model of the Dutch 74 gun ship William Rex of 1698. One can have a good look at all the details of naval technology at that time.

The model of the 84-gun-ship of the line NEPTUNUS of 1837 shows the interior and exterior in great detail.

If you click on a photo you will get that photo in high resolution.

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