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Schooner CARL of 1870, a fast and agile ship, like those used by pilots


The Museum of Hamburg History in Hamburg


The Museum of Hamburg History is a tourist attraction in the city. It is worth a visit to see the collection of items focusing on history and development of the town, harbour, shipping and trade. There are many models of ships, shipyards and nautical instruments plus models of the town at stages of development spanning centuries. On the highest floor is a model railway that shows the operation of two railway stations in the region

On our visit in June 2017 we found most of the objects still behind poor glass with high reflection. It was difficult to get a clear view, and we were hardly able to take photos. My personal favourite were the contemporary dockyard model of the WAPEN VON HAMBURG III of 1720 and a model of the shipyard von Somm on the Großer Grasbrook in 1848.

If you click on a photo you will get that photo in high resolution. 

There is more information on the museum website and a Wikipedia article.

  Contact:  Tel. +49 2361 59757


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