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The Musée de la Marine in Brest


The Musée de la Marine in Brest


The Musée de la Marine in Brest is an annex of the French national maritime museum. It is located in the harbour castle. The museum's topic are naval warfare and ship building technics, on display with many ship models. Outstanding are the wooden sculptures of the Brest arsenal workshop, several of them being used in ship decorations.

When we visited the museum in September 2019 the ship models and other small exhibits were kept behind a poor glass with high reflection. It was very difficult to get a clear view or take a picture.

There is more information on the museum website.


Photo gallery of a shipyard model for a 118 gun ship of the line in Napoleonic era,

Photo gallery of a model of the interior of a 64 gun ship,

Photo gallery of a contemporary model of the 100 gun ship La Bretagne of 1766,

Photo gallery of wooden sculptures from the Brest arsenal.

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 The Musée de la Marine in Brest

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