Cannon at the Mary Rose Museum, Portsmouth, UK


The warship Mary Rose of 1545


The only surviving 16th century warship on display anywhere in the world, the Mary Rose was one of the earliest ships to carry heavy guns. She was a favourite of King Henry VIII and sank off Portsmouth in 1545 during an engagement with a French invasion fleet.

The Mary Rose was rediscovered during the 1970s and raised in 1982. Visitors can view a collection of personal, domestic and military objects in the Mary Rose Museum in Portsmouth. The hull of the Mary Rose, which is currently undergoing an active conservation process, can be viewed by the visiting public in the ship hall.

There is more information on the ship in the homepage of Portsmouth Historic Dockyard and the website of the Mary Rose.  Wikipedia holds a good article on Mary Rose, too.

Photo gallery of the Mary Rose guns
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In the museum I was impressed by the large number of artefacts recovered with the wreckage and how much of the hull was still intact. The salvaged cannon on display in the museum are excellently well in shape.  I took some pictures of them. If you click on a photo you will get that photo in high resolution. If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer or Firefox, press F11 to minimize navigation bars and have a larger screen with the photos.