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The Maritime Museum of Faro, Portugal


The Maritime Museum of Faro, Portugal

We visited the museum during a Portugal vacation in September 2021. The museum building is located in the office of the harbour master, at the northern end of the marina. The Museu Marítimo Almirante Ramalho Ortigão focuses on fishing technology, the boats used for it and (to a lesser extent) on Portugal maritime history.

It is worth a visit if you are in the area.

For more information see the website of the Maritime Museum Faro.

The "sacada" is a fishing net employed by two boats for mackarel. Nets called "American Siege" were used for sardine fishing. The "caique" was a type of boat used for deep sea fishing and transport. 

Many exhibits were behind poor glass with high reflection. It was difficult to get a clear view.

The Maritime Museum of Faro, Portugal

  Contact:  Tel. +49 2361 59757


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