Ship model St. Peter in the Maritime Museum of British Columbia, Victoria, Canada


Maritime Museum of British Columbia, Victoria, Canada


The Maritime Museum of British Columbia in Victoria is located close to the harbour, a few blocks from the famous Empress Hotel. The museum gives an overview on the history of the area which is closely linked to naval exploration and voyagers.


I show some photos of the St. Peter model, the ship that was used by Vitus Bering's exploration trips in 1741, the half hull model of the harbour tug William Jolliffe and a large model of the HMS Duke of York.

Click on a photo to get it in high resolution.
There is some more information on the website of the Maritime Museum of British Columbia.
We visited Victoria in August 2012. It is a beautiful city, definitely worth some time to spent there, with a very nice harbour area around which the Parlament Building, Empress Hotel and the museums are located.


water taxi

From waterfront restaurants you can watch a collection of funny water taxis



Empress Hotel in Victoria

The Empress Hotel



Parliament Building in Victoria, B.C., Canada

The Parliament Building



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