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The Malta Maritime Museum


The Malta Maritime Museum


We visited the museum during a trip to Valletta, Malta in October 2018. The museum building is in Vittoriosa, a short boat trip across the harbour from Valletta. The museum exhibits were naval history artifacts of Malta, especially of the period of the Order of St. John and the 1800s. There are several other museums in Valletta focusing on more recent history, e.g. World War II being covered in much detail. The maritime museum is very much worth a visit.   

For more information see the website of the Malta Maritime Museum.

The carrack Santa Maria of the late 15th century was one of the famous ships of the Order of St. John. The other major ship of the order at that time was the carrack Santa Anna of 1522 (picture taken from page 18 of auction catalogue by Charles Miller Ltd., London).

A large model of a mid 18th century ship-of-the-line was probably used in the local naval school.

Among the guns shown there was a naval gun as mounted aboard a galley.

Close to the entrance were several anchor stocks of ancient Roman ships and a complete reconstructed anchor. I include a more detailed description of a similar object from the Civico Museo del Mare in Trieste. 

Some original armour and weaponry for fighting on land and ships is displayed in the Armoury of the Grandmaster's Palace in Valletta.

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