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Het Scheepvaartmuseum, the National Maritime Museum in Amsterdam


Het Scheepvaartmuseum, the National Maritime Museum in Amsterdam


We visited the museum during a trip to Amsterdam in August 2013. In Het Scheepvaartmuseum objects of Dutch maritime history in shipbuilding, trade and navy are on display. The Golden Age of Dutch history is shown with many impressive exhibits, among them some fine figure heads and contemporary ship models of 17th and 18th century.

The museum is in a former naval storehouse right in the center of Amsterdam. After an extensive four year renovation it reopened in 2011. The museum has a rich collection, really something to show. Unfortunately, many of the rooms were only dimly lit. As nearly all objects were behind glass with sometimes high reflection, it was not easy to get a clear view. 

For more information see the website of Het Scheepvaartmuseum.

A contemporary model is the East Indiaman Den Ary of 1725, right next to the entrance. There is a fine collection of figureheads. Among many ship models of the Age of Sail is a model of the 58-gun East Indiaman Merkurius of 1747.

The museum shows many small boat models, too. Here are a Zeeland boyer of 1750 and a cutter of 1775. There are several half-hulls as well.

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Many ship models of the Age of Sail in Het Scheepvaartmuseum


Model of a 40 gun warship, Het Scheepvaartmuseum, Amsterdam

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