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HMS Warrior, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, UK


HMS Warrior of 1860


When HMS Warrior was launched in 1860, she was the first ocean-going iron-hulled battleship in the world, the largest, fastest and most powerful of her time. For ten years she served England as a first-line warship, until improved engine designs and newer armour-plated ships rendered her obsolete.

After years as a depot ship and floating oil jetty she was moved to Portsmouth historic dockyard and opened to the public as a museum ship.

There is more information on the ship in the homepage of Portsmouth Historic Dockyard and the website of HMS Warrior. Wikipedia holds an article on HMS Warrior, too.

Photo gallery of HMS Warrior
45 pictures. Click images to enlarge!

We visited HMS Warrior on a cloudy day in December 2007. I took many pictures, although this was not the best time to take photos. If you click on a photo you will get that photo in high resolution. These high-resolution photos show much detail, despite the poor light.

The Science Museum in London on our visit at the same time had a large model of the Warrior.


HMS Warrior, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, UK


HMS Warrior, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, UK

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