HMS Warrior, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, UK


HMS Warrior of 1860


When HMS Warrior was launched in 1860, she was the first ocean-going iron-hulled battleship in the world, the largest, fastest and most powerful of her time. For ten years she served England as a first-line warship, until improved engine designs and newer armour-plated ships rendered her obsolete.

After years as a depot ship and floating oil jetty she was moved to Portsmouth historic dockyard and opened to the public as a museum ship.

There is more information on the ship in the homepage of Portsmouth Historic Dockyard and the website of HMS Warrior. Wikipedia holds a good article on HMS Warrior, too.

Photo gallery of HMS Warrior
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We visited HMS Warrior on a cloudy day in December 2007. I took many pictures, although this was not the best time to take photos. If you click on a photo you will get that photo in high resolution. These high-resolution photos show much detail, despite the poor light.

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The Science Museum in London has a large model of the Warrior.


HMS Warrior, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, UK


HMS Warrior, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, UK