Replica of frigate HMS Rose of 1757


The Frigate HMS Rose of 1757


HMS Rose was a 20 gun frigate of the British navy, built in Hull, England in 1757. She served in the Channel, the Caribbean and in North America until she was scuttled in 1779.
In 1970 a replica of HMS Rose was built in Lunenberg, Nova Scotia. She was used for display and sail training until 2001. Thereafter she was altered to resemble HMS Surprise for the movie Master and Commander. She is currently owned by the San Diego Maritime Museum and has recently been refitted for sailing.

There is more information on the original ship and the replica on the website of the tall ship Rose and the website of the San Diego Maritime Museum where she was renamed HMS Surprise. Wikipedia has two articles on her, as HMS Rose and HMS Surprise.

Photo gallery of HMS Rose
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We visited the Rose in October 2005 on a vacation in San Diego, California. As the weather was fine I took many photos. If you click on a photo you will get that photo in high resolution. If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer or Firefox, press F11 to minimize navigation bars and have a larger screen with the photos.
However, none of the photos I took or I saw from somebody else does match the one made by famous photographer Philip Plisson while she sailed close to the wind.