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Replica of HM Bark Endeavour of James Cook


Replica of HMS Endeavour of James Cook


This replica of HMS Endeavour, the ship of James Cook on his trips around the world in the 1760s and 1770s, was built by the Australian HM Bark Endeavour Foundation. She was launched in Fremantle, Australia on 9 December 1993. From October 1996 to March 1997 she sailed from Fremantle to London. There is a very fine book about this trip: Richard Polden, ENDEAVOUR, a Photographic Journey, Fremantle Arts Centre Press 1998, ISBN 1863682279.

The replica was built to the same specifications as the original historic ship. Where differences exist they are to meet modern safety standards and to ensure that the vessel will have a life as long as possible. More information on the ship, the foundation and chances to join the crew on HMB Endeavour for voyages you find on the foundation's homepage HMB Endeavour Replica.
In Wikipedia there is a report on the history of HMS Endeavour, too.

Photo gallery of HMB Endeavour Replica
54 pictures. If you click on a picture you will get the high resolution image.

We met the Endeavour during a vacation in Flushing, Holland, in April 2004. As the weather was fine I took many photos.


Replica of HM Bark Endeavour of James Cook   Replica of HM Bark Endeavour of James Cook Replica of HM Bark Endeavour of James Cook

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