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Sailing yacht models in the Deutsche Museum, Munich


The Deutsche Museum in Munich

The Deutsche Museum in Munich is a major tourist attraction. It holds a large collection of items focusing on development of technology and science. The museum buildings are located on a small island in the Isar river.

The museum's maritime department holds an excellent collection of ship models, showing the development of naval technology from ancient Egyptian ships, Greek and Roman galleys, American clippers to the steamers of the 20th century. There is more information on this in the homepage of the maritime exhibition. Wikipedia holds a good article on the Deutsches Museum in general, too.

To give you an idea about the excellent quality of that exhibition I show photographs of some of the ship models. The photo above shows some classical sailing yachts. Here are some more photos of the yachts. There many more fine models like two ancient Egyptian seagoing ships, a Greek trireme 5th century BC , a Viking ship (Oseberg ship), a Norman nef, a Portuguese caravel and a pinnace ship. These models shown here are just a few of a magnificent collection. They are kept behind reflection-free glas and very well lit.

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