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Cog ship, Kampen, Netherlands


The cog ship of Kampen


In 1983 the remains of a Hanseatic League cog ship were found, dating from about 1340, in Nijkerk, Holland. Based on that finding a replica of the cog was built in 1997 that today is harboured in the Dutch town of Kampen. In 2004 the ship proved seaworthy on a trip to the Baltic Sea.

We visited the Kampen cog on two occasions: in March 2001 on a trip to the Amsterdam maritime museum (photo above) and with the Sail 2005 in Amsterdam. I took several pictures of the cog ship.

Photo gallery of the Kampen cog ship
32 pictures, if you click on a picture you will get a high resolution image.

The ship's length is 20 m, width 7 m. For more information: see the chart in Dutch below.


Kampen cog ship, explanation

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