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Columbus monument in Sevilla Columbus sarcophagus in cathedral of Seville


Andalusia and Gibraltar, a Region of Rich Maritime History


The south-west of Spain, Andalusia and Gibraltar, is a region with many monuments of maritime exploration and history.

In the park Jardin de Murillo close to the Alcazar of Seville is the Columbus monument, in the cathedral of Seville is his sarcophagus. The Torre del Oro on the banks of the Guadalquivir river holds a small maritime museum with exhibits of the expeditions of Columbus and Magellan and old drawings of the city of Seville.

Close to Huelva, in the village of Rabida, is the Muelle de las Carabelas, a wharf with replicas of the three Columbus ships Santa Maria, Pinta and Nina. Next to it is a museum with exhibits of that time. There is more detailed information on the ships and the museum in a Wikipedia article.

Just a short walk from the wharf is the monastery Monasterio de Santa Maria de La Rabida. It is here where Columbus got encouragement and political support in the difficult time before his first voyage to America.

Further south on the way to Gibraltar one passes Cabo Trafalgar, where the Spanish erected a small plain monument in commemoration of the battle of 1805.

In Gibraltar one can visit the fortifications and the siege tunnels of older and recent history. The Gibraltar Museum has exhibits on the history of the area from ancient times till today, with emphasis on the battles with Spain in 1789 - 1793. A model of 1865 shows the settlements, buildings and harbour in great detail. Something rather rare are three anchor stocks of Roman era ships, cast in lead. (See also similar exhibits in the Malta Maritime Museum)

All the photos here are taken on a journey in May 2016. If you click on a photo you will get that photo in high resolution.

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