Ship model Scottish Zulu SY 486 MUIRNEAG of Stornoway, built in 1907


Ship model Scottish Zulu SY 486 MUIRNEAG of Stornoway, built in 1907



Scale 1 : 20, length 192 cm, width 34 cm, height 122 cm (including stand)
More photos: of entire ship, of details. Click on the photos for high resolution pictures!



The Scottish herring fisher SY 486 MUIRNEAG of 1907


The Zulu boats were developed on the Scottish east coast by the end of the 19th century. They were built to the carvel method of planking.
"The shape of the Zulus gave the boats a long deck but a shorter keel, which greatly improved their manoeuvrability. Zulus were two-masted boats and carried three sails - fore, mizzen and jib. The sails were very heavy and difficult to haul, and the masts had to be very long and strong. Masts could be 18 m tall on boats of 24 m in length. Their design produced very fast boats that became invaluable to herring fishing fleets. They got to the fishing grounds quickly and returned swiftly with the catch. Because of these qualities, the Zulus rapidly became very popular along the entire east coast.
The Zulu War raging in South Africa at the time gave the name to this new class of boat." (description taken from Wikipedia on Scottish east coast fishery)

The Scottish Zulu MUIRNEAG was registered at Stornoway, home port was Knock. Built in 1907, the ship was broken up in 1947/1948. Builders: William Mackintosh, Portessie, Buckie. Owner and skipper: Alexander Maclevel, Knockpoint, Stornoway.
The vessel was mainly used for herring fishing, more precisely in driftnet fishing. SY 486 was sold by public auction in March 1947 for 50 pounds to be broken up into fencing posts. Muirneag means Darling Girl.
Hull length: 24.40 m
Beam: 6.40 m
Depth of hull: 2.52 m


The MUIRNEAG model, photos, description and dimensions

For the building of this model the full building plans, drawn by Harold A. Underhill from Glasgow were used, and the book “Sailing Drifters. Story of the Herring Luggers of England, Scotland and the Isle of Man” by Edgar J. March, David & Charles 1969, ISBN 0715346792.


This model was built by Jan van den Heuvel, Philippine, Netherlands with great care of details in the years 1983 - 1985. It was built in all of its interior and the timberwork like a real ship. The model is a true masterpiece, and photos of various stages in construction are available (see photo 1, photo 2, photo 3).


The model is 1 : 20 scale. Length over all is 192 cm (bowsprit and mizzen boom included), width is 34 cm, height is 122 cm (model stand included)
The ship can be taken out of the stand, e.g. for transport.


There are several views of the entire ship model taken from all directions, and several closer views of hull, deck and rigging.