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Ship model Greek trader Kyrenia of 300 B.C.


Ship model Greek trader Kyrenia of 300 B.C.


Ship name Kyrenia
Scale 1 : 20
Length 71  cm
Width 50 cm
Height 60 cm
Material hull Wood
Photos 1 Total views
Photos 2 Views of details
Price sold
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The Greek trader Kyrenia

In 1967 a wreckage of an Greek trade ship of 4th century B.C. was salvaged close to Kyrenia, Cyprus. The ship's woods were 75 % well preserved. The vessel was 14.75 m long and 4.4 m wide and had a crew of four. It seems to have been underway as a trader for 15 - 25 years, when it sank about 300 B.C. off Kyrenia. The ship was propelled by a single square sail. The good condition of the planks allowed for study of the construction methods. The ship was built by using the "shell first" ancient method, rather the opposite of today's method. Contrary to the modern wood boat building method where a complete skeleton of frames of the entire vessel must first be constructed, in this case, the planking from the keel and up was joined together using a mortice-and-tenon construction and then the frames were laid in.

There are several reports about the discovery and salvage of the wreck, like this in Wikipedia about Kyrenia.


The first replica, named Kyrenia II, was built in the ancient way in the early 1980s. In 1986 she sailed from Piraeus to Cyprus. There is a fine film about the salvage, building the replica and the voyage.

In spring 1987 the ship undertook a 800 sm trip from Cyprus back to Piraeus. On that voyage it weathered three storms with up to 10 Beaufort and reached a speed of 12 knots. It proved very seaworthy. A speed of 12 knots was something that nobody before thought could have been reached by the ancient vessels with one square sail.

The sail was set and taken away by several brailing lines from below, without lowering the yard or men climbing up. There is an interesting short video of sail setting during the sea trials of a third replica of the ship.


The Kyrenia model, photos, description and dimensions

The model was built to plans and drawings of Yiannis Pantzopoulos, Piraeus and of Prof. Richard Steffy, Texas, published in Logbuch 1990/2 and 1994/2, the journal of the Arbeitskreis Historischer Schiffbau. In the net there are plans available like these of someone from the Hellenic Scale Modelling Community..

The rigging and use of brails in setting and taking away the sail is shown in this drawing

There are more pictures of the model, several views of the entire ship model taken from all directions, and several closer views of hull, deck and rigging. Click images to enlarge!

This model of the Kyrenia is a very beautiful, fine piece of work. The elegant lines of the ship are clearly shown in the model. The figurines (man, sheep, amphoras in cargo hold) are just set on the model and can be taken out.
The ship model is 1 : 20 scale. Length is 71 cm, width 50 cm, height 60 cm.

The ship model can be taken out of the stand, e.g. for transport.


This model has already been sold. The pictures and the data are shown in the gallery of the ship models sold only to let enthusiasts and model makers enjoy the photos and maybe get ideas or some guidance, if someone builds such a model by himself.

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