Model of the Gokstad ship, a Viking ship of 9th century


Model of the Gokstad ship, a Viking ship of 9th century


Scale 1 : 20, length 117 cm, width 45 cm, height 90 cm
More photos: of entire ship, of details. Click on the photos for high resolution pictures!


The Viking ship in the burial mound of Gokstad, Norway


The Gokstad ship is a 9th-century Viking ship found in a burial mound at Gokstad in Sandar, Sandefjord, Vestfold, Norway. Dendrochronological dating suggests that the ship was built of timber that was felled around 890 AD.

The ship is currently on display at the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo, Norway.

The Gokstad ship is clinker-built and constructed largely of oak. The ship was intended for warfare, trade, transportation of people and cargo. The ship is 23.80 m long and 5.10 m wide.
The ship was built to carry 32 oarsmen, and the oar holes could be hatched down when the ship was under sail. It utilized a square sail of approximately 110 m², which, it is estimated, could propel the ship to over 12 knots. The mast could be raised and lowered. While the ship was traveling in shallow water, the rudder could be raised very quickly by undoing the fastening. The ship could carry a crew of 40 men but could carry a maximum of 70. The ship's design has been demonstrated to be very seaworthy. 

(This description was taken from a more comprehensive article on the Gokstad ship in Wikipedia)



The Gokstad ship model, photos, description and dimensions

The model was built Jan van den Heuvel, Philippine (Terneuzen), Netherlands, in 1982 to 1984. The building of the model was based on the following sources :

a) Plans at 1 : 20 scale from “Universitetets Oldsaksamling Oslo” drawn by Knut A. Hansen, April 1955. Mr. van den Heuvel frequently consulted Mr. Arne Emil Christensen, conservator of Universitetets Oldsaksamling Oslo, concerning constructional details. His help was of great importance.

b) “Das Gokstadschiff und seine Boote” by Werner Dammann, Arbeitskreis historischer Schiffbau e.V., Heidesheim

c) “The Viking Ships” by A.W. Brøgger and Haakon Shetelig, Dreyers Forlag, 1951, ISBN 82 09 000 30 6 .

This model of the Gokstad ship is an excellent, very elegant model, a true master piece.
The ship model is 1 : 20 scale. Length is 117 cm, width 45 cm, height 90 cm.

The ship can be taken out of the stand, e.g. for transport. 

The boat was built like a real ship, including the interior timberwork, as can be seen on some photos of the building process.

There are more pictures, several views of the entire ship model taken from all directions, and several closer views of hull, deck and rigging including some more explanations.