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Model of German polar expedition ship GAUSS of 1901


Model of German polar expedition ship GAUSS of 1901


Ship name GAUSS
Scale 1 : 50
Length 132 cm
Width 37 cm
Height 87 cm
Material hull Wood
Photos 1 Total views
Photos 2 Views of details
Price 8000 Euro
Transport cost Please inquire






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The polar expedition ship GAUSS

The GAUSS was launched on 2 April 1901 by Howaldtswerke Werft in Kiel. She was a barquentine with auxiliary steam engine and a wide robust hull that was built to the practical experiences gained from the Norwegian FRAM. The ship was designed for expeditions to Antarctica. In the top of the main mast was a "barrel" for the lookout, for finding ways when maneuvering in drift ice. The propeller and the rudder blade could be retracted into the hull when threatened by ice.

The GAUSS left Kiel in August 1901 with a 32 men crew for a voyage to the Antarctic, returning only in November 1903. In 1904 the ship was sold to Canada, renamed ARCTIC and until 1911 used for Arctic expeditions. Afterwards it sailed as supply ship for settlements in the north of Canada.

There is more information about the ship and the voyages in Wikipedia, which has also several pictures, and in a book by Ingrid Schmidt, Polarschiffe - Wostok, Mirny, Grönland, Fram, Gauss, VEB Hinstorff Verlag Rostock 1988, ISBN 3-7688-0615-4.


The GAUSS model, photos, description and dimensions

The model was built to plans in the book by Ingrid Schmidt (see above). The ship model was built with sails set to "mixed propulsion", the main sail taken away when the auxiliary engine was used.

There are more pictures, several views of the entire ship model taken from all directions, and several closer views of hull, deck and rigging. Click images to enlarge!

This model of the GAUSS is a master piece, a very fine piece of work. The ship model is 1 : 50 scale. Length is 132 cm, width 37 cm, height 87 cm.

The ship model can be taken out of the stand, e.g. for transport.


Price of the ship model and transport

The price of the model is 8000 Euro, plus transport cost.

Transport: The ship model can be secured in a transport box. This way, delivery by truck or air cargo over long distances can be safely done. If you live close by, picking up the model with your car may be a good way, too.

The ship model is available from the model maker:
Mr. Peter Halm, Am Schloss 4, 01816 Kurort Berggießhübel (close to Dresden),
Tel. +49 35023 69558, email:

As he only speaks very little English, please contact me, if you are interested in the ship model:
Dr. Michael Czytko, Kuehlstr. 31, D-45659 Recklinghausen, Germany,
Tel.  +49 2361 59757, email:

  Contact:  pan> Tel. +49 2361 59757


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