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Ship model Dutch fluyt ZEEHAEN of 1639


Ship model Dutch fluyt ZEEHAEN of 1639


Ship name ZEEHAEN
Scale 1 : 37
Length 104 cm
Width 44 cm
Height 91 cm
Material hull Wood
Photos 1 Total views
Photos 2 Views of details
Price sold
Transport cost   -   






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The fluyt ZEEHAEN and the expedition of Abel Tasman in 1642

Abel Tasman (1603 - 1659) was the first European to discover New Zealand.

He was born in the village of Lutjegast, Netherlands. In 1633 Tasman joined the Dutch East India Company (Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie, VOC) and left for Batavia. After years with the VOC he was asked in August 1642 to search for the mysterious "Southern Continent" in the Pacific Ocean.

The ZEEHAEN, a fluyt of about 200 tons, and the HEEMSKERCK, the flagship, a small warship carrying 60 men, were prepared for the voyage. Frans Jacobszoon Visscher, a well-known pilot and hydrographer went with Tasman.

On 13th December 1642, they reached the coast of New Zealand. Tasman noted in his journal "groot hooch verheven landt" (a large land, uplifted high) and named it "Staten Landt".

There is more information on his journey on this website about New Zeeland in History.

Little is known about the fluyt ZEEHAEN except for her tonnage of 200 tons. According to the books on shipbuilding by Nicolas Witsen a fluyt of 200 t had dimensions of 100  x 22  x 11  feet. The ship was built in 1639 at the Amsterdam VOC shipyard. The ZEEHAEN left Holland in 1640 for Cambodia. In 1642 she and the HEEMSKERCK were put under the command of Abel Tasman.


The ZEEHAEN model, photos, description and dimensions

The ship model was built to plans of Ab Hoving and Cor Emke who made a reconstruction of the fluyt (see: Ab Hoving, Cor Emke, The ships of Abel Tasman, published by Uitgeverij Verloren, 2000, ISBN 9789065500878). They were helped in their reconstruction by the Maritime Museums of Amsterdam and Rotterdam and by Peter Sigmond, head of the department of Dutch History at the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam.

This model of the fluyt ZEEHAEN is a very beautiful and detailed masterpiece by an experienced model builder. The ship model is 1 : 37 scale. Length is 104 cm, width 44 cm, height 91 cm.
The ship can be taken out of the stand, i.e. for transport.

There are several photos, views of the entire ship model taken from all directions, and several closer views of hull, deck and rigging. Click images to enlarge!


This model has already been sold. The pictures and the data are shown in the gallery of the ship models sold only to let enthusiasts and model makers enjoy the photos and maybe get ideas or some guidance, if someone builds such a model by himself.

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