Ship model Dutch galiot 1740


Ship model Dutch galiot 1740


Scale 1 : 40, length 106 cm, width 41 cm, height 84 cm,
More photos: of entire ship, of details. Click on the photos for high resolution pictures!


The Dutch galiots were flat-bottomed ships with a rounded bow and aft, especially useful in shallow waters. Their development started in the 17th century. They were used mainly as merchant ships.

Please take your time to have a good look at the set of photos. There are several views of the entire ship model taken from all directions and several closer views of hull, deck and rigging. If you click on a photo you will get that photo in high resolution. Only these high resolution photographs show how much work and handicraft ability were put in the model.
Viewing the high resolution photos: If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer or Firefox, press F11 to minimize navigation bars and have a larger screen with the photos. The high resolution photos are about 12 megapixel. So they are about 10 - 20  times larger than your 0.5 - 1.3 megapixel computer screen. Most browsers by default downsize the pictures to screen size, so you cannot see all the details of the ship models. To see the original resolution  move the mouse over the pictures and click on the magnifying lens.

This model of a Dutch galiot is a beautiful, elegant piece of work. It is 1 : 40 scale. Length is 106 cm, width 41 cm, height 84 cm. The ship model stand is provided by two small wedge-shaped pieces of wood beneath the hull, close to the keel. The wedges are fixed to the hull by double-sided adhesive tape.

The model was made according to the drawing of a three-masted Dutch galiot by Chapman in his 1768 book (see my linklist) "Architectura Navalis Mercatoria", plate No. LIV (see below).


This model has already been sold. The pictures and the data are shown in the gallery of the ship models sold only to let enthusiasts and model makers enjoy the photos and maybe get ideas or some guidance, if someone builds such a model by himself.

Drawing of a three-masted Dutch galiot by Chapman in his 1768 book "Architectura Navalis Mercatoria", plate No. LIV


Dutch three-masted galiot in Chapman, Archtectura Navalis, Plate LIV