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Ship model baghla of Oman of 19th century


Ship model baghla of Oman of 19th century


Ship name Baghla
Scale 1 : 50
Length 73  cm
Width 17 cm
Height 78 cm
Material hull Wood
Photos 1 Total views
Photos 2 Views of details
Price sold
Transport cost   -  






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The baghla, a type of Arab trader

The baghla was a type of ocean-going trade ships, built at the Arab coastline. The were used on voyages on the Indian Ocean until early 20th century. Very few drawings of them exist, as Arab shipwrights followed traditional practices handed down through generations. "Baghla" means mule in Arabic, implying trade as the main use of the ships. The ships used to be about 30 m long, mostly had two masts with lateen sails and a crew of about 30.

In the Souvenirs de la Marine by Amiral Paris there is a drawing of an Omani baghla of 1838 (Amiral Paris, Souvenirs de la marine. Collections de plans ou dessins de navires et de bateaux anciens ou modernes, 1871, Vol. 2, plate 125).

In Wikipedia there is some more information about the baghla.


The baghla model, photos, description and dimensions


The model was built to plans by Karl-Heinz Marquardt "Bagla, a vanished type of Arab trader". The model carries the flag of Oman in 19th century.

There are more pictures, several views of the entire ship model taken from all directions, and several closer views of hull, deck and rigging. Click images to enlarge!

This model of the baghla is a very beautiful, fine piece of work. The elegant lines of the ship are clearly shown in the model.
The ship model is 1 : 50 scale. Length is 73 cm, width 17 cm, height 78 cm.

The ship model can be taken out of the stand, e.g. for transport.


This model has already been sold. The pictures and the data are shown in the gallery of the ship models sold only to let enthusiasts and model makers enjoy the photos and maybe get ideas or some guidance, if someone builds such a model by himself.   

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